Nutrition consists in providing the skin

There are regeneration products in serum form of aqueous composition, especially rich in active principles, which produces a fast and visible result; but, the most usual is to find it in texture of creams that help in the cellular reconstruction Goji Cream Review, at the same time that it calms and hydrates.

Nutrition consists in providing the skin with all the necessary nutrients for its balance, since a malnourished skin is one that lacks sufficient fat in its cells, which makes it appear with a dry and aged appearance. Currently, nourishing creams have achieved very comfortable, dense and rich textures; but at the same time, light and penetrating.

All carry the nutrients that the skin needs: vitamins, amino acids Goji Cream Review, oils and water. Also, it is important to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, with broad-spectrum sunscreens that cover UVA and UVB solar radiation, often incorporated into day creams.

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