final goal of losing weight

The group evaluation was performed in three moments: at the beginning of the study, one month and three months later. In the end, the researchers compared the results of each stage and observed that in the last two, the activity of the ventral prefrontal cortex related to desire decreased more in the people who lost more weight Keto Max Burn XS. In addition, in the same group, the activity of the lateral prefrontal cortex, involved in self-control, increased throughout the study.

“The area of ​​self-control increased its activity and the area of ​​desire was attenuated precisely in the participants who lost more calories, which shows a direct relation of these neural behaviors to the success in the final goal of losing weight,” Dagher said. “With this, we believe that mainly the area of ​​self-control, has the ability to take into account long-term information, such as the desire to be healthy, to control immediate desires,” said the author.

Despite the positive results seen in the research, the team of researchers pointed out that cognitive control is extremely complex, which requires even more detailed observation. “We need to understand whether this neural activity seen with reduced food intake is related to obesity as well. In addition, we know that body weight is related to heredity Keto Burn. With that, one question arises: do the genes that cause obesity act in the brain? “Asked the author.